The candle market is continuing to experience tremendous growth due to the increased popularity and uses for candles.    Some of the most unique, versatile and attractive candles available are “Gel Candlesâ€?.    Their designs can surpass those of regular wax and, on an average, burn two to three times longer than regular wax candles.

Our candles are made with a patented gel.

Gel candles generally burn hotter than regular wax candles therefore the fragrances used for gel candles have to meet certain requirements. All of the fragrances used in our candles meet those requirements.

We only use zinc core wicks that comply with guidelines established by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.    Zinc core wicks are preferred because they will maintain their rigidity during burning; thus they will burn more evenly.

Each of our candles has a label with safety and burning instructions for the consumer.
The Benefits of Soy Candles
All natural 100% soybean oil
A non-petroleum renewable resource
Non-toxic & Non-carcinogenic
Contains no additives, pesticides, or herbicides
Burns clean and is virtually soot-free
Biodegradable & water soluble
Lasts 50% longer, burns cooler, and more uniformly than paraffin wax
100% Natural unbleached cotton wicks
Contributes to the reduction of our dependency on crude oil
Promotes care of the environment by utilizing plants that are not depleted
Easy clean up with soap and hot water
Recyclable and reusable containers.    Just clean and reuse!
There are no known health problems associated with burning soy wax candles.
Are made predominantly from domestically grown crops supporting our farmers

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